This is Bene

​We’re a small team of banking and technology activators inspired to do better. We’re building a digital bank*.

​Bene is a for-profit-for-purpose Australian business that advocates a social and community impact.  Facilitating better money management is at the heart of the Bene mission.

Bene means “well”, “good” and “honourably”. That’s Bene!

Helping customers to better manage their money is that the heart of the Bene mission.
Bene is currently licensed to offer personal loans and intends to offer savings accounts once all regulatory requirements have been fulfilled. 

* Bene is not a bank or an authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI), and is not authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to conduct banking business in Australia. Bene intends to apply for authorisation to conduct banking business in Australia, initially for a limited period with specific requirements and restrictions as a Restricted ADI.

We believe that by resetting the traditional banking relationship we can:

  • ​Return the banking system to balance so that depositors and borrowers receive fair value
  • ​Give responsible borrowers and depositors transparency, equity and honesty
  • ​Contribute to the community so that everyone benefits from the valuable role banks play.

​Join us.   ​Make the change!


Simon Beitz

Simon Beitz

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Fenwick

​Craig Fenwick

Co-founder and Chief ​Finance Officer

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